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digital tools for

making places

creating active, collaborative and engaged communities

scoop is a kit of innovative digital tools to support community engagement and collaboration.

The tools from icecream architecture were developed over 10 years, working together with public bodies and communities to improve their places. 

scoop tools


public engagement + consultation


community promotion

+ asset sharing




crowd-sourced maps, 

trails + archives


desktop • mobile • app • paper

Each tool is optimized for desktop, mobile and

app users, and can also be supported by

face-to-face training resources.

crowd-sourced trails
+ mapping

what's included?

data collection

live social + environmental impact reporting

social media integration

custom branding

scoop communities


The scoop suite of digital placemaking tools is ready-made for most communities, but we understand that every place is different.

That's why each scoop community is created in a bespoke way to meet specific objectives. 

We're also open to experimental developments, or a unique configuration of our functionality.
Please get in touch and we can make it just right for you.

let's work together!

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